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Re: Best guest cast............

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I can not believe Journey to Babel was not on the list.
Again--I apologize--it was spur of the moment and when it asked how many for the poll I picked 7 and was stuck.

And I have now picked and I chose the cast from 'Savage Curtain'--I doubt it will get another vote........

I just happened to be watching that episode and it struck me how good those guests were. It isn't a great episode and they didn't have much too do other than be the archetypes they were intended BUT,

damn if I don't love love Bergere as Lincoln and Atwater is perfect as Surak and Pine is just so slimey as Green and even stunt-man/actor Bob Herron was fine as Kahless. I think the casting was perfect and since all the characters were from the past--it was the only chance we were going to get to see those historic and of course it set up there use in later series, so thank god this episode got made.

It's my best ensemble cast--not my best ensemble cast in a great episode.
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