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Uh duh---I left Paul Fix off the WNMHGB list!
And Elisha Cook Jr. off "Court Martial." He was probably the biggest character actor who ever appeared in TOS.

ETA: James Gregory, Morgan Woodward and Marianna Hill in "Dagger of the Mind" has always been one of the strongest guest casts for me.

LOL! That was the biggest brain f*rt I've had in a long time! I was thinking of Elisha Cook Jr and typed 'Wood'---as in Elisha Wood the Hobbitt actor! Oh man-I hope Court-Martial doesn't lose any votes on account of that goof!

As for other comments--I thought of Lenard, Wyatt, Nalder and O'Connell for 'Journey' after picking the seven I picked--that is a definate choice in a future 2nd poll. But I really want to keep it to 4 or more so Montalban, Gregory, Woodward, Inhat and Windom will have to wait for a 'best guest' poll.
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