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Re: A question regarding "Patterns of Force"

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Years ago (circa 2000) on another bboard, a German guy informed us that Star Trek, the whole series, was originally syndicated in Germany with a phony translation of the dialog. He said it made the episodes juvenile and often quite silly, and adults did not understand how the show could be playing to grown-ups in America.

Then sometime around the late 1980s or 90s, I don't know when, Germany finally got an honest translation of the show and viewers were quite surprised. The film series apparently motivated the revamping of Germany's syndication version.

I can't really vouch for this story but it was from a credible source at the time, a well-respected poster.
Apparently, you are correct. German wikipedia says that the episodes were drastically shortened, serious dialog replaced with barbed comments, and plots simplified. If I understand this correct, Pon Far was not a sexual process, but a fever.
That rings a bell: didn't it recently get mentioned somewhere (it had to be on TrekBBS) that at least one other country besides Germany sanitized "Amok Time" to make it sexless? And Spock's whole combat with Kirk was played as a fever dream that never really happened? (That could be still be a cool episode, btw).
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