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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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I don't really post in this thread, but this was the week I saw Kate Mulgrew is something that wasn't Voyager and all I have to say is wow. She pulled off the russian accent beautifully, and I think now everytime I see Janeway, I almost want to see her tell of a Hirogan or Borg as Red. Both Janeway and Red are two really strong characters and both were played really well. Nice to see Kate on TV again.
That is great to read tomalek! She's definitely made an impression and I'm very happy to see her in such a sizable role. Her role in Mercy was excellent and hilarious but very small. And of course NTSF was great too, but I'm thinking KM may end up increasingly busy with big roles from this series.

I'm thrilled there will be a season 2, it's a great show all round.

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