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I'm sick and tired of Helen and anyone who comes up with a back door plan lording it over us like it's the smartest thing ever.

Nakomis came up with it and everyone since then has just been copying the same move. I was so glad to see Helen's reign of HOH end cause every one of her Diary Room's was about how awesome she was for coming up with the plan to back door Jeremy.

I'm glad BB finally figured out that MVP is basically "Elissa's nomination" each week. However, having America have the vote is basically admitting they have no rule to remove Aaryn for her comments, so they are letting America put her up if Judd has other plans.

I didn't mind Elissa to start, but the constant MVP and shout outs to Brenchel nation have made me tire of her.

At this point, I'm cheering on McCrae and Amanda or as one of their family members coined it "Mcmanda." She needs to tone down her rhetoric and her attitude, fade into the background for a while. People are going to notice they are together and take shots at them. I still wouldn't mind seeing Spencer or Howard win, but the rest of them seem like driftwood. Candice, we even see them from day to day? Andy manages to show up in every conversation, but he'll never feel any pressure at this rate.

This season is just getting poorer and poorer. They are getting rid of personalities and people who will make moves, Nick being the major example of this. At this rate, we will have the self righteous Helen and Elissa at the end, but I will have stopped watching by then.
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