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Re: What season does Stargate SG-1 get "good"?

I tried to watch SG1 on Showtime but never really got into it. The wife and I really started watching the reruns when it was in about season 6, got caught up, and stayed with it until the end.

The Replicators' storyline was creepy at the start, but when they started making human clones it got a little stupid. The whole Ori arc just lost me. It seemed like just another supposedly undefeatable enemy with a huge Achilles Heel, like the Goa'uld turned out to be. And the Asgard? Yeah.

Still, it was a fun show. RDA's sense of humor carried it for a long time, and they tried to duplicate it with Ben Browder. Some of it worked, some not so much.

In case no one has noticed, I'm big on the humor thing.
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