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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...


I visited the board more frequently in the past, today I visit BBS in spurts and spend more time “lurking” and reading various posts. When I have the time I like to try to post in the “caption” threads because I enjoy a good laugh.

As a boy I watched a lot of TOS reruns with my dad, so when TNG was launched I had to see what it was all about, however when I watched the first episode I didn’t like it. I tuned in sporadically to watch TNG, but started watching it more around the end of season two, and I was hooked by season three. For me that was the high water mark of TNG.

Today I have a soft spot for seasons one and two, and I’m not very forgiving of what I consider some real stinker later on the series; Masks, Sub Rosa, Emergence just to name a few. Another thing that bothered me about later seasons was the music, it became very bland. Compare it to the scores from Booby Trap or Q-Who and I think you'll understand what I mean.

Barclay was one of my favorite characters. Perhaps it’s my love for the character Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock from the A-Team….
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