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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Yeah, $69.99 for the new Slave I is still artificially inflated and too high (especially considering that the Vintage Collection TIE Interceptor - just as large if not bigger - will be sold on Amazon for $49.99 regular price), but given how exclusives are treated by online retailers these days it's a lesser of two evils situation and sites like Amazon will milk as much as they can out of these things while they can to pad their profits.

For the record, the 2002 Slave I from Attack of the Clones came with almost precisely the same features and accessories (pretty much everything except the Han in Carbonite, naturally) and retailed for only $39.99 at most retail outlets in the country. True, that was eleven years ago and the costs of labor and materials have gone up noticeably since then, but $100 for more or less the same item that sold for $40 just a handful of years before is pushing it and I'm glad a lot of people have been holding out for a significant markdown.
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