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Watson seems to be an unusual sort of person. Petulant and extraordinarily selfish, yet arrogant and egotistical as well. How else to explain his choice to review one of the most obviously out lbws any of us are ever going to see in our lifetimes? Smith's review wasn't a lot better but he doesn't have Watson's track record. Since he won't be dropped, even though he should be, Watson should have his head kicked in. His selfishness was probably the reason Rogers elected not to opt for the DRS when he had infinitely more reason to do so than his opening "partner".

Pathetic stuff. Our inability to force the win in Cardiff in '09 effectively ended our series and the loss in Nottingham looks to have done the same. This series is only 7 days old but unless England do something extraordinarily stupid, or it pours rain for the next three days, it's over. There's no way in hell we're good enough to win three Tests in a row and that's more than likely what we'll be facing when this Test is over.

Such is life. I'm not at a place in life just now to give as much of a damn about these things as I used to, but I had hoped for a bit better than this sort of display.
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