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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I have that same Doctors set. It is awesome.

So, do you love DC Comics? Do you love action figures? Do you know anyone that does? If so I am going to beg and freaking plead that you go buy a subscription to the 2014 Club Infinte Earths right here. There's even monthly or quarterly shipping options this year in order to save you some cash.

This year, if enough people subscribe, the club exclusive figure will be Doomsday in his green containment suit. However, if we get enough subscribers to reach Tier 2, we will get the more iconic Unleashed version

Seriously. I want that iconic Doomsday. DC collectors have been waiting forever for a properly bulky one. Tell your collector friends. Tell them to subscribe. They've already revealed three of next year's figures: 90's (hook hand) Aquaman, Ice, and Superboy (Conner Kent.) Those are three huge fan-demanded characters.
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