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Re: The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Part 2

OK, all episodes up to ep 14 have now been subbed and are available in the usual place. Now that the 1st half of the season are in the bag as it were, I reflect on it... The pace has been rather slow favoring instead reintroducing us to the characters and world it's set in. Great adventure stories but I'm ready to get into the meat of it.

Bit 'O spoilers...

By meat I mean, lets find out more about the alchemist Ambrosius, the hidden compartments inside the Condor, and of course the next city which we were told we would be finding more than just one and thus in a more rapid succession.

Also the masked man Zares and Estabans father and his travels. It looks like Mendoza has been brain washed how will that play out?

So now bring on season 1.5!!!
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