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Re: Rewatching "Emissary"...

I think this whole sequence would be a good candidate for cutting in the two-hour syndicated version (I've never seen it, don't know if it was or not), it's a nice scene but feels a little out-of-flow with the rest of the storyline.
Yup, Miles' goodbye scene with Picard is gone in that version. And good riddance.

Perhaps the only thing that left me wanting here was the thoroughness with which Sisko's "Jennifer issues" were resolved within the pilot episode(s) already. It's not until the second Mirror Universe romp involving Sisko that we really return to the fact that the reason he raises his son alone is because his wife got killed.

Should we perhaps consider Sisko's "miracle healing" a feature rather than a bug - a religious experience that by its sheer emotional impact keeps him addicted to Bajor and its Prophets when all logic should send him asking for a transfer? But the later episodes don't seem to bear this out, as they rather suggest Sisko stays because he is a man of duty, and perhaps of destiny.

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