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Re: Do you want to phone E.T.?

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The Tyson argument could be extended to lend credence to the Hawking argument.
Not really. In the video he says that he doesn't agree with Hawking because his analogies are all based on human interaction, and not alien-human interaction. Yeah, that's about all we've got to work with, but it's also the point that it's an appeal to ignorance. We can't possibly comprehend or understand something that's so far advanced, and we can't just presume that it's something just like us. It's like you said, wild speculation.

Also, I can't imagine that a species with the capability of traveling between stars would actually want us for any slavery type purposes. If they can manage a feat like travel through the galaxy, I'm guessing they can either build efficient robots or genetically engineer lifeforms that are suitable to tasks. Humans and Earth would probably have very little value to them. That's part of the idea behind humans being "too stupid."
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