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Were you able to explore the ships at all? I know most cruise lines prohibit mingling with guests.
Yeah, at my rank I could use most of the guest facilities. Uniform required at all times. I had to do the occasional "night duty" which basically involved doing rounds of the ship and being seen in dress uniform as well. Mingling was strictly of the meet and greet variety. No "Doc" from the Loveboat interaction.

Being an IT guy I didn't have to spend too much time interacting with guests, which was fine by me. I was never a "front of the house" type.

Overall working on a cruise ship is a great experience. Just have a skill that gets you some higher rank and privileges before seeking out a job. (and be sure you can handle the work schedules) Most jobs onboard are 8 to 10 hour days with no days off for your entire "contract" of 4 to 8 months on board. You do however get 2 to 4 months of vacation a year.
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