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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Titan Designer said:
Here is a U.S.S.Ares WIP update. I decided to change out the nacells to give the a federation look, kinda like Voyagers but on a massive scale.
I also added the shuttle hanger on the aft saucer. I am still playing aroundbut here she is so far.

^Nice! Considerably less evil looking than her Mirror Universe counterpart! It would be interesting to see a compare/contrast image in the same way that we saw the Clash of the Titans.

I've got a question. What is the theme of the names of the Ares class, as in the Luna class it was the names of moons in our Solar System? Also what are the dimensions of the Ares lengthwise, widthwise, heightwise, and deckwise?
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