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Re: Federation Versus The Romulan Empire

The men and women who presided over the Nuremberg Trials following World War II would disagree with you.
That's just the victors making the losers look bad. It's not something relating to the rules of war, not really. Say, Germany was accused of, and sentenced for, planning a war of aggression against Norway - whereas the UK and France planned the very same thing, only Germany beat them to it. And never mind bombardment of civilian targets...

Why are you so convinced that the Federation would simply cease to exist if Earth's population were eradicated?
Well, all the characters of Star Trek seem convinced of that. They should know...

The Federation (and its allies) would hold the Romulans accountable for Earth's destruction and would pursue Shinzon and his followers until they were brought to justice.
Or then ally with them. From what we have seen, Vulcans might well like Romulans better than humans. And why would Andorians cry for spilled milk? Revenge is a distasteful Klingon thing... (And human. But humans would be gone.)

Because they doubtless realized that any attempt to wipe out Earth's population would mean disaster for Romulus, not the victory that Shinzon so desperately wanted. The Federation's allies would not have been content to stand by and watch while billions of Federation citizens were killed using a weapon of mass destruction.
Said allies might just as well capitulate in front of such a devastating weapon.

Genocide isn't acceptable.
To Romulans? They seemed to be pretty thorough about wiping all life from Narendra III. Why hesitate with Earth? It's just another enemy planet...

Absence of proof isn't proof of absence.
Statistically speaking, it always is.

As for only two ships going after Shinzon, it would seem prudent for the Romulan military to arrange for the absence of its own forces from the vicinity of the homeworld when Shinzon pulls off his Spartacus rebellion. Otherwise, the military would look weak, now wouldn't it? Hiding the presence might have to involve actually withdrawing most warships, leaving only two available to pursue.

Perhaps this "no warships swarming around your own homeworld" thing has some sort of a universal rationale behind it, considering how Earth and Qo'noS often seem devoid of Fleet-size protection (most of Trek and "Redemption", respectively).

Timo Saloniemi
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