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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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And in the case of Dean Cain, you probably think he makes a stronger Clark Kent because you're SUPPOSED to. The whole point of the characterization in that show was that Clark Kent was the real person, while Superman is the disguise that lets him use his powers in public. In fact, one of my favorite second season episodes addresses this when Clark tells Lois, "Superman is what I can do, Clark is who I am.".
I don't know, personally something always kinda bugged me about that. I don't mind making Clark more of a real persona like we saw in L&C, but to me Superman should still be more than just a "costume", or a flashy symbol that Clark presents to the outside world so he can live a normal life outside of it.

To me Superman should be just as much his real persona as Clark is. And maybe even more so, considering it's the one time he can be fully Kryptonian and do all the incredible things he can actually do-- instead of having to hide his superpowers and pretend to be just a normal, everyday human all the time.

I see Superman as being almost the purest version of him. Which is what comes through so strongly in STM and MOS, and why I think I prefer that take the best.
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