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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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It was really only the great reviews and recommendations from people online that made me want to see it-- and the general audience probably doesn't pay as much attention to those things.
The only film I can recall in the last 20 years that really, really benefited from word-of-mouth was Titanic. And as a result teenage girls went to Titanic repeatdely to see Lenardo DiCapario and the love story because of the word of mouth success.

I'm doubting that this film can generate the same level of success Titanic did.
It's doing pretty well overseas (and it'll probably break records in Japan, as they really would love tom do this level of live action effects for their films, but their local market doesn't warrant that level of expenditure - IE they'd loose money.)

Thus, I don't think WB will loose on the film in the long run - but at the current domestic box office trend (Unless it does INCREDIBLE foreign box office numbers - which has happened for some U.S. made films in the past that did poorly domestically) - I seriously doubt it will get a sequel. Which is sad because I really enjoyed the film, and would LOVE to see a sequel.

This was a pure, extremely fun and entertaining popcorn movie that paid homage to the genre it belongs to in great style; but I think it's one of those films that you either love; or hate, with very little room in the middle. It's not meant to be Shakespeare, or make a comment on any social or environmental issues; it's just there to set up a very simple plot (that DOES NOT stand up to close scrutiny), introduce some over the top character archetypes for you to root for/or hate; and just set up a reason for giant mechs to beat up on giant monsters with all the carnage that entails<--- And do all of this in an entertaining fashion.
On this level it succeeds brilliantly (IMO).
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