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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

Star Trek (2009)...

-Scenes of Winona Kirk in the USS Kelvin sickbay were filmed, you can see a shot being prepared in the extras. They appear the early IMSDB script and novelization.

-Footage of Nero's wife Mandana was shot, of her stood in a green field. According to the early script, it was to be shown while Nero was tortured by the Klingons, showing us what he was seeing, that he was holding on and fighting to save her. She appears only briefly in he final movie, in a small and blurry hologram.

-I'm sure there was more to Nero's capture and time on Rura Penthe than has been released. Costumes for a Salt Vampire and a Gorn were made for those scenes.

-I'm curious how much from the early IMSDB script was actually filmed. Originally Spock intentionally went back in time by opening a second black hole, in order to save Romulus.

Star Trek Into Darkness...

-The B-roll shows several alternate and deleted scenes, including Kirk and Carol speaking in engineering.

-I'm curious where "The Shower of Evil" scene would have fitted into the movie. Before the explosion in London? After coming to the Enterprise from Kronos?
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