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Re: restoring farmland after oil spill - advice needed

Thanks to everyone for the useful advice! I collected the info and forwarded it to the local authorities who asked me to relay to you all their heartfelt thanks for the advice, help and commiserations. (And they added they could use a few thousand BBSers as tourists to help the hotel business a bit LOL)

My appologies for replying so very late to you all. The flood's aftermath kept me rather busy and on top of it we also had a poison spill with a really nasty substance that filters through your skin and shortwires your nerves (in other words: first you cramp violently, then your heart and lungs stop).

After the flood we promptly got a drought here. It hasn't rained a single drop in 3 weeks and what plants survived the flood and oil spill are now rustling dry.
While this keeps us from trying to plant something that might ripen till fall it gives us a little more time to decontaminate and revive the soil. So this cloud (I wish we had one! It's unbearably hot) has a silver line.
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