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Re: why is star trek original series disliked

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One could make a case for "The Trouble With Tribbles," "A Peice Of The Action" and "I, Mudd" deliberately veering into camp, particularly the latter two episodes. But two or three episodes deliberately humourous episodes out of seventy-nine does not make the series predominantly camp as a whole.
People seem to use the word "camp" a lot and I'm not sure I understand how they mean it.
Basically, anything that isn't "dark", with characters wallowing in constant "angst" and "Daddy issues" is dismissed as "camp". "Fun", an characters who act like actual people is not allowed.

This view is incorrect. These stories have their place, and I can enjoy them on occassion, but now pretty much EVERYTHING has become that. And it has become tedious.
I can agree with you. Personally, I'm getting or have already gotten very burned out on dark, angsty, conspiracy, angry, snarky, pessimistic TV. Endless CSI/NCIS/Law&Order spinoffs, Twilight, Continuum, Orphan Black, X-Files, Battlestar Galactica '04, ST: Enterprise in a few spots, and dozens of others. Why can't we have optimistic TV again? The Original Series characters weren't angry or full of odd personal problems just to give them faux depth. McCoy and Spock bantered back and forth, but you could tell they were friends, ditto the rest of the senior staff. They could quip and joke while getting their mission done. In comparison, I would prefer a new Trek series more in the mold of the original series over Voyager, DS9, TNG, or Enterprise in the overall mood of the series.
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