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Re: why is star trek original series disliked

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I didn't think TOS was significantly disliked, I've seen plenty of support for it from this community ever since I joined and constant discussions, artwork, representation (nearly all positive) for it all along.

The volume of artwork, fanfiction, fan productions, prop work and even things as simple as the amount avatars here still show a strong support and love of the show.

If anything, as Daniel mentioned, TNG is a lot more frequently ridiculed these days. I grew up on it but I still prefer TOS to it.
I grew up on the original series before adding Next Generation to my viewing. I remember seeing Kirk and all at 5 AM every Saturday morning - Wolf in the Fold, Doomsday Machine, City on the Edge of Forever...all the classics. I understood the fx were limited, which is why I thoroughly loved the remastering for replacing and updating most of the fx (planets, ship shots being the biggest upgrades. Transporters still looked 2d and like 2 shots pasted together) to make the show more watchable overall. TNG-Remastered is very much missing the boat in not doing any updates at all (no new entering orbit, no new establishing shots, no updated transporter fx, no new ships to replace the 10K Excelsior, Miranda, Oberth ships, etc.).

I can understand and appreciate the original series for what it was, and it was a product of the 60s, but it showed a positive vision of the future, unlike so many shows today (Continuum, BSG, etc). That was a great part of it, that we could overcome all the problems of today and come out better for it.
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