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Re: The Official Speculation Thread about John Hurt's "Secret" Doctor.

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Just wait for whatever convoluted explaination Moffat gives us, nobody was able to guess River Song's secret or Clara's either for that matter.
LOL what?? TONS of people guessed both "River Song is the little girl and the little girl is Amy and Rory's child" AND "The 'real' Clara is the present day one who somehow gets split across time ala the Jagaroth." Which is... exactly what happened with both.
I think you're missing DWF's sarcasm.

Moffat either writes plot twists that are so blindly obvious that an infant can guess them -- or he writes plot twists that are so nonsensical and ungrounded that he clearly pulled them straight from his ass.
And sadly the latter is more often true than the former. I don't know how John Hurt's Doctor can be a Doctor and yet not be a Doctor, since it was stated by Clara in The Name Of The Doctor that Smith's Dcotor is the 11th.
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