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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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In the Doctor Who world, BBC Books (an imprint of Random House) can't reprint a Doctor Who novel from Virgin without specifically getting the rights to it.
Those books are also copyrighted by the author, not the BBC, aren't they?
Oh, that's true.

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My understanding of the subject is that once the BBC chose not to renew their license with Virgin, the rights to the books were passed to the individual authors. This is how Paul Cornell was able to grant permission for Big Finish to create the Benny Summerfield audios, he granted them permission to use his books and a few of the other authors gave their permission for their stories to be adapted.
I think the authors have to get those rights back from Virgin; it doesn't happen automatically. Lance Parkin has mentioned this for his books, but I don't know the details. The early Benny audios, released when the novels were still being published, had to be approved by Paul Cornell and by Virgin.
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