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Re: ship design help.

the ship is post VOY, Ship: U.S.S Camelot – Cardinal Class Ship - Commissioned in 2782 - the ship designated by the Vulcan Senate and high command and built at the san Francisco ship year, it’s the last and biggest of its type, the U.S.S Camelot is the sleekest of all the Cardinal Class Ships ever made, it may be massive on the outside but due to it being dimensionally transcendental it’s the most advanced ship that’s ever been commissioned, due to its enormous inside it holds a wide range of facilities.

The U.S.S Camelot is the liner of all Cardinal Class Star Ships; it boasts the top of the range medical facilities with new medicines, brilliant bays and equipment, the best armoury holding many varieties of torpedoes that make the ship top of the shop and tech that strengthens any crew, weapons devised by some of the ships best weapons engineers, the biggest restaurant deck of any class ship serving the finest in human, Vulcan, Klingon, Cardassian, Andorian and a wide spectrum of other species cuisine.

The ship boasts the finest background of cultural trade faculties including a market for many of the traders of the wide range of diverse cultures and creature variations on the ship.

The ships housing system is set up for all types species on the ship, every habitat and condition is mimicked for the species own liking via the advanced atmosphere and environmental controls set for habitation in the crews and other peoples quarters on one massive deck.

The Ships shuttle bay homes a wide range of shuttle pods from all different cultures on board, the shuttles are taken care of by best team of engineers and service personal on-board, the ship houses the first and only warp 20 engine in existence, capable of instant travel, once the Camelot hits warp 20 it will get you to any star system in a matter of moments.

The ship boasts the best selection of cannons and torpedoes out of any ship; the ship has Isokinetic cannons, positron torpedoes, phased plasma torpedoes and Quantum Torpedoes, making the ship the most powerful in the fleet.

The ship holds the world’s most sophisticated computer system on a star ship that runs a very every system on the ship, the computer also runs a most amazing and complex library system of all federation and interspecies knowledge ever known.

The U.S.S Camelot holds the first and only court of interspecies delegations and procedures; the ship is the most culturally diverse ship known to the federation and has many sophisticated holo decks and holo suites for the ships many residents to enjoy at their own leisure.

The U.S.S Camelot was commissioned for the single purpose of exploration and not only bringing together every known species but to unite a whole new array of species to form an alliance created by the federation for the purpose of ushering in a new age of species/federation relations for the future, the alliance is called the omega alliance.

Ships Complement – 800 crew + various other residents

if that helps at all

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