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why wouldn't they replicate the elements and/or compounds that compose the "beta-matrix compositor" and build it by hand from scratch?
Because the particular materials necessary to the construction of the "compositor" can not be replicated, they need to be acquired from natural sources.

Embrace the obvious.
It's not at all obvious, though. The finished product couldn't be replicated as a whole, so the next best thing as far as O'Brien was concerned was to go scavenge one. There was no mention of building one from scratch. Why not? Is it simply a time issue? Replicating one would take seconds, scavenging one would take a day, but building one might take a month. I don't know, but there's no reason to jump to the conclusion that it's impossible to replicate the materials to construct a "beta-matrix compositor".

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It was the sample that became unstable when they tried to replicate it.
The sample worked fine as an injection (and, gosh, I would hope it would, else it would be completely useless), but "it" becomes unstable when replicated. I took "it" to be a reference to the replicated vaccine - the stuff that comes out of the replicator falls apart. You take "it" to mean a reference to the original vaccine specimen. Maybe it is, but Crusher's words are ambiguous.

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Strictly speaking, it was replicated
Strickly speaking it was grown, this is make clear in the dialog.

The point I'm making Pavonis is the the device that grew Worf's new spine wasn't the machine known as "The Replicator." It didn't rearrange material within a matter stream, but rather grew an organic bone structure, which isn't how a replicator works. At least not as stated.

You need to want to watch the episode.
It was called a "genetronic replicator". Why put "replicator" in the name if replication is an unrelated technology? It's not clear to me that only matter-energy conversion is involved in replication.

Perhaps the genetronic replicator is a hybrid of cloning-related technology and replicators. It uses DNA-based generators, reads the DNA of damaged tissue and converts it to replicator instructions - that's explicit in the dialogue. Growth of the tissue is involved, too, but the growth is apparently enabled by the replicator. But, I'll concede that maybe the "replicator" part of the "genetronic replicator" is a literal use of the word "replica", as a euphemism for "clone", which may be a taboo word in the Federation (what with their hesitation to do much with genetic engineering even centuries after the Eugenics Wars).
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