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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

It is time! Smallville: Season 11 #56 - Olympus Part 1 hit "Man's World" today and it's more of a tease than a full fledged comic!

The story opens with a little tow haired boy washed up on an island. Immediately images of Oliver Queen come to mind even though I know this isn't an Ollie story. Thoughts of Green Arrow are immediately extinguished when a ltitle girl dressed in Wonder Woman's armor appears, spear in hand, asking the boy if he's a man.

They're not allowed you know.

Well during the conversation we learn the boy is none other than Steve Trevor. Soon after an unseen danger approaches and little Diana claims Steve as her "Secret Boy".

And every male on Earth pumped a fist in the air knowing he would grow up living the dream!

Cut to TODAY and we find Martha Kent in the back of a limo with some weirdo named "Bones". He's the head of the D.E.O. NOT the CMO of the Starship Enterprise in case you were wondering. :P

Anyway he thinks Martha has the capes in her pocket and he's clearly wanting some favors from the good senator. Before we can get too deep into what he really wants they are attacked by shadowy metahuman assassins. Martha runs for it but she needn't have worried because a gorgeous, sexy brunette with a stunning bracelet ensemble shows up to rescue her. The bad guys do try to dent the nice lady's bracelets with bullets but these bracelets were made to last and the bullets bounced right off.

Gotta love that craftsmanship!

Anyway Martha calls Clark who is sleeping-Lois lying atop him-floating a few feet above the mattress. Basically she recaps what I just recapped and tells him that "...someone saved me,". We get a neat panel of Diana in white cat suit and Remy Zero ears their royalty.

What can I say about this issue?

If it were an episode of the show it would be the teaser. The story has not yet materialized. We get an idea that there's a government agency that appears to be in the business of recruiting supers but we don't know fi they're good guys. Checkmate sure weren't. Diana does appear to be working for them but appearances can be deceiving. It's safe to assume that at some point Steve Trevor will be getting involved but what form that will take is up in the air. He certainly is going to be a different Steve than any we've seen before.

I am excited about the possibilities this story offers us and can't wait for next issue!

BTW special shout out to Jorge Jimenez! I though he gave the action scenes in this issue a little extra OOMPH. I also loved his character design for Diana. Gorgeous but practical. On the negative side his Martha Kent looked like a cross between Annette O'Toole and a transvestite.

Nuff said! See ya next week!
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