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Re: STAR TREK: 100th Anniversary Edition

2066? That will put me at 96.

Yeah...I'll probably be dead...

From a design POV, I would center the top bridge dome exactly over the bottom primary hull dome. That's the way all of them have been (that have top & bottom domes, anyway) and gives the design a certain symmetry. Pushing the bridge forward like that, to me, makes it look a little off. I would also slant and widen the nacelle pylons just a little bit. Not quite as pronounced as the refit, but not straight up-and-down like the original, either. Since you seem to be going for an intermediary design between TOS and TMP (more like a "Phase II" look), a slightly slanted pair of pylons should work nicely. Other than that, I'm liking it, particularly that mid-section in the primary hull. Definitely like it better than the JJPrise.
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