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Re: TNG Reboot or Original Cast Comeback? What would you perfer?

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Nah, when the films have run their course we should see Kirk, Spock and McCoy return to television. A five-year-mission sounds like an excellent basis for a television series.
I don't think you'll get the current cast to do a tv series. And I really don't want to see the TOS crew recast yet again!
I don't see why not. Aside from Pine none of them are in high demand (and Pine is arguable.)
Saldana, Urban and Pegg all seem to be getting regular work. Cho is working on the pilot for Sleepy Hollow for Fox. Yelchin has either completed or is cast in five upcoming films. Same for Pine. Quinto has two films in pre-production.

I think it would be highly unlikely (not to mention expensive) to get the movie cast to work on a weekly TV-series.
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