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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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^ I watched all the Christopher Reeve movies over the weekend and something about his take on the character doesn't sit well with me. Too handsome, too much of a boy scout and too much of an ideal in general. My favorites right now are Dean Cain and Henry Cavill. Their versions of Superman are more humanized and real.
I certainly agree with your approval of Dean Cain (but then, LOIS & CLARK has been my favorite take on the Superman characters for the past twenty years, too bad it doesn't get more recognition.), but I also loved Christopher Reeve, and what he did with the character.

And Henry Cavil is okay.
I think Christopher Reeve nailed Superman with perfection! Not a huge fan of his Clark Kent, but for the movie it worked to make us believe he could have been 2 different people.

Dean Cain on the other hand, is probably the best Clark Kent on screen. I think he nails the Clark role almost to perfection. His Superman on the other hand is always looking like he's really uncomfortable in the role. Maybe they wanted to play it that way? But it took extra effort to see him in the costume.

Every other incarnation post Christopher Reeve (other than Dean Cain's take) has been trying to emulate Chris Reeves in looks. The guy from Superboy (Gerard something, his full name escapes me) was a lookalike. Brandon Routh was a lookalike. Tom Welling was a lookalike. Henry Cavil deviates a bit, but not by far.

Maybe it's just because Christopher Reeve is so engrained in the Superman look to us that Hollywood doesn't want to deviate too much from that facial style.

Well, in the case of Gerard Christopher (The Superboy series), it makes sense that he would emulate Chris Reeve since that show was produced by the Salkinds, who, as I'm sure you know, produced the Reeve films. So the simularity in that case was no doubt intentional.

And in the case of Dean Cain, you probably think he makes a stronger Clark Kent because you're SUPPOSED to. The whole point of the characterization in that show was that Clark Kent was the real person, while Superman is the disguise that lets him use his powers in public. In fact, one of my favorite second season episodes addresses this when Clark tells Lois, "Superman is what I can do, Clark is who I am.".
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