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Re: Rewatching "Emissary"...

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Sisko's introduction to Ops is excellent, starting at the turbolift, the camera follows Ben and Miles through a nearly minute long scene without a single cutaway to a close up. There are multiple times this kind of thing happens in the episode, and I think it's great. It really lets the performances breathe.
It also, perhaps unintentionally, serves to allow the viewers to get good, long looks at the set and discover where everything is. Cutting away, it's hard to get your bearings sometimes. I rewatched recently and specifically remember in the scene you mentioned with Sisko and O'Brien, I was looking up at those beautiful windows they placed high on the set (which they made sure to show off in that scene). It was really a beautiful and artistic set design. Love it.

I can't really blame Ben for being a bit pissed with Picard/Locutus (though it's fair to say Picard comes out of the scene with more sympathy... he looks utterly dejected when Ben leaves him alone).
And that's not what you would expect, which is really a great preview for what was to come in this series. Brilliant!

As I say, I only intended to watch it for two minutes, but ended up watching the lot. I got intrigued. It really holds up as great television, maybe even Star Trek's best pilot?
Thanks for the fun post!
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