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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

A scene of Kirk and McCoy in the turbolift, where McCoy begins to show signs of acting like Spock.This appears in the DC comics adaptation, and checking the movie, the shot of Kirk in the turbolift cuts off right before this scene would occur.
The original sequence of events was intended to be Grissom approaching Genesis, and then Kirk and the Enterprise, and so on. This explains why the shot of the Grissom has the stardate over it. It is possible the film was scored before this change was made, as there is an abrupt shift in tone when the Enterprise appears after the credits.
The scene of McCoy in the bar originally had a longer ending, showing another guard attempting to apprehend him and McCoy trying to escape.
As Spock's body is being carried up to Mount Selaya, a young child whispers "Live Long and Prosper" to him

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