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Re: Scotty and his military comment

The whole scene was forced and made little sense. Original Kirk would have looked at the "classified" guy and said "He has need to know. I have need to know." Of course, that would either mean forcing the revelation of the absolute stupidity of the new torpedoes early, or Kirk going to Marcus and getting a blistering rebuke, then coming down on Scotty in the out of character heavy-handed fashion we saw. As for the actual comment referred to here, it was offensive. When Picard said it, it was stupid. When Scotty said it, it was gratuitous, and in both cases, it's patently untrue, and reflective of an unrealistic, idiotic world-view that holds the military in contempt with no understanding of what they really do. The scene was obviously a setup to the big reveal, and to get Scotty off the ship.
Just one more hole in the nu universe. Neither movie has made any sense. They do marvelous characterization and dialogue, then throw in nonsense, and string together a few plot points poorly, yet so many people are willing to accept it uncritically.
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