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Re: A question regarding "Patterns of Force"

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For the record the line "you would make a convincing Nazi" I took it as Kirk in that uniform looks scary and tough, that he would fool them. Not that Kirk is really anything like a Nazi.
Thatīs an interesting alternate take on this. Thanks

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We were talking about Hogan's Heroes in the other thread and I remember similar lines being used in that series when the characters went undercover.

I think this is the case of being offended too easily. Being Jewish myself I definitely do not take the actual Holocaust lightly but the episode wasn't about concentration and death camps.
Let me make this clear: Iīm not offended in any way by Spockīs remark, the episode or jokes being made about Germans in general or Nazi Germany in particular. I like the Mel Brooks movie and I thoroughly enjoy "Hoganīs Heroes". I just feel, that Spockīs remark didnīt fit into the "mood" of the episode since it clearly wasnīt a comedic one, IMHO.

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