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Re: TOS from the perspective of Enterprise

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Braga specifically said the FC events caused an alternate timeline, but tried to play it both ways: It changed the timeline, but it's still the timeline leading to TOS and TNG+.
Have you got a link to that? I hear it a LOT, but no-one can ever show me the interview it's supposedly from.
That's so long ago, I'm not sure where I'd have that anymore.

I can't agree. As a new timeline, ENT is okay, although the Xindi are a problem, in that they didn't exist in the prime timeline.
They weren't featured in a prior episode or movie, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.
Not in this case. You don't control that big a chunk of space that close to Terra without some mention. The Xindi were too big and too close to disappear.

We've seen hundreds of species once and then they vanish in Trek (especially in the movies), and the universe is so big I have no trouble with a few previously unheard of aliens cropping up.
Which is why I don't include the Denobulans in the previous complaint. They didn't make an enormous footprint all over Earth space and then >poof!<.

ENT also did a nice job of putting faces to races previously only mentioned, like the Axanar.
Never saw that - not having tv, I stopped making the effort to catch the show in the 2nd season. I really liked Northstar, and hated SG1's anti-slavery ep, but much of the rest of the show just didn't work for me - and the "prime directive" ep was purely offensive.

Technology-wise, they also established the TOS helm/nav station, blue TOS phasers and energy shields are all Andorian designs. The round screens and computer graphics from the TOS movies were Vulcan (as are the mandarin collars of TNG). The blinking coloured squares of TOS are from Earth (see how they go from a couple in the first season to full-on TOS by the end) as is the general layout of future starships.
None of which makes sense to me. Technical architecture is more about the compatibility of software. The color of a beam weapon, the kind of collar worn, etc, are piddly, and reinvented by everybody, so nobody really gets credit. Though none of that matters if ENT is a new timeline or a reboot.
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