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Re: A question regarding "Patterns of Force"

First of all, don't see stats where they don't exist. Not everyone on the forum replied to that thread. So you can't assume that only you and Robert are in agreement over the line from "Patterns of Force." It was unquestionably a boner line, but funny because of that. Obviously, not everyone sees it that way. And while I do think it was "so bad it was funny," I also don't consider it the worst line of dialog in all of TREK.

Also, don't see ethnic slurs where none exist. Not all Germans were Nazis, and not all Nazis were German. Likewise, the pre-Civil War American south was not the only time and place in history to have slavery.

"Patterns of Force" is every bit as preachy as "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield." Even as a child, I knew that bit about Nazi Germany being the "most efficient state" was complete baloney. A state that merely consumes everything in its brutality is not efficient and will eventually burn out.

POF is not a comedy, but has an absurdity to it, the same way people generally scoff at conspiracy theories. Despite all the foreshadowing, I doubt any of the Germans of the 1930s would have believed a time traveler if he'd told them what was coming. History often repeats itself, yet people still don't see such things coming.
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