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Re: Latinum is better tha gold because...

TheRoyalFamily wrote: View Post
Dilithium crystals need to be energized a certain way to be effective, and perhaps the replicators for whatever reason can't do that.
I believe it was the (non-canon) Star Trek Tech Manual that said that dilithium crystals are a basically just a type of quartz crystal, but with a unusual property.

So perhaps if you were to attempt to replicate dilithium, what you would receive would just be a regular every day quartz crystal.

Pavonis wrote: View Post
why wouldn't they replicate the elements and/or compounds that compose the "beta-matrix compositor" and build it by hand from scratch?
Because the particular materials necessary to the construction of the "compositor" can not be replicated, they need to be acquired from natural sources.

Embrace the obvious.

Not impossible to replicate, just unstable when replicated.
It was the sample that became unstable when they tried to replicate it.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Strickly speaking, Worf's new spine wasn't replicated.
Strictly speaking, it was replicated
Strickly speaking it was grown, this is make clear in the dialog.

The point I'm making Pavonis is the the device that grew Worf's new spine wasn't the machine known as "The Replicator." It didn't rearrange material within a matter stream, but rather grew an organic bone structure, which isn't how a replicator works. At least not as stated.

You need to want to watch the episode.

Thanks for the tip
Glad I could help you.

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