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Re: Confess your dumbness

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Grape: Things are affected by something. Or, things have an effect on other things.
So "affect" is passive and "effect" is active. Thanks. That's helpful.
Well, not really. The same verb can be used passively or actively.

"Nine states were affected by the hurricane." -- Passive voice.
"The hurricane affected nine states." -- Active voice.

The only time "affect" is a noun is when it means feeling or emotion, and then it's pronounced "AF-ect," with the stress on the first syllable. You seldom hear it outside the psychiatric profession.

is about as clear as anything I've read on the use of "affect" and "effect."
The Af-ect definition I never had a problem with, actually; I worked in health care for many years. Those examples are very helpful, and thanks for the link.

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An easy way to remember it in most circumstances is:

Affect = action
Effect = result
Now that's very good. I like tricks like that. The only way I can remember which is port and which is starboard is because port and left have the same number of letters.

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You can say like "My great knowledge has AFFECTED my company." as in an action.


"My great knowledge has left a lasting EFFECT on my company." as a result.
More examples, excellent. Maybe now I'll finally get it through my head. Thanks everyone.
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