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Re: A question regarding "Patterns of Force"

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Imagine Kirk and Spock had come to a planet ruled by (white) land/slave owners who brutalize their (black) slaves. Then, to blend in at a slave auction, they would have put on local clothing and Spockīs line to Kirk would have been "You should make a very convincing slave trader". Would you take that as a joke too?
Yes, actually I would take it as a joke. Nothing personal, but I think some people really need to lighten up (you should pardon the expression).
As I have said in the other thread already, I think it makes a big difference in which context such a line is being said. The films by Mel Brooks or Charlie Chaplin were comedies (albeit with a serious undertone) and in such an "environment" that line would clearly have been meant and understood as a joke. If "Patterns of Force" had been a comedic episode like "A Piece of the Action" it would also have been so. But POF hardly qualifies as a comedy! Moments after Spockīs line he and Kirk are being whipped by Nazi interrogators - I donīt see anything funny or comedic in that, just as in the rest of the episode. So that puts the whole thing in quite a different light, IMHO.

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