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I think they had visions of the other left armed Mitch spraying them everywhere on the first morning in 2009 and seeing England sail to 0/130 at lunch, and decided to take no chances on the occasionally erratic Starc. No doubt he will be back this series.
That seems likely, on both counts. It's just odd that Pattinson seems to get a free pass while Starc's damned on little more basis, apparently, than being a lefty. Some of the crap Pattinson served up last night was as bad as anything I've seen from an Australian bowler in recent times, including that no-hoper Johnson.

As for Siddle costing us yet another wicket with yet another (very, very marginal) no-ball...really. How hard can it possibly be to get something that basic right??

Botany Bay wrote: View Post
They've got a real Prisoners' Dilemma thing going on with Clarke and Watson, haven't they? It's probably not going to end till both are out of the side, but it seems we will be treated to all the ugly details as Arthur's lawyers go for the big bucks. Unfortunately, at their best, they are our two best players. I will say one thing about Watson though, he is so handy as an all-rounder. As long as he bowls, his position is probably safe.
The timing of the leaked legal papers was extraordinarily...convenient (or something) for a few of the parties involved. As for Watson, he's another who seems to get away with mediocre efforts others would be punted for. His Test batting record is very ordinary by most rational standards, and the fact his bitching was indulged and he was returned to the opener's slot he made it perfectly clear he considered his birthright still annoys me.

As you say, though, we're stuck with him for the foreseeable future. Oh, well.

Hope the last three wickets fall quickly tonight and the aforementioned Watson actually gets his batting act together for once.
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