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Unit conversions. I have down that four quarts make a gallon. Inches - feet - yards, I'm okay there. Everything else? Frak if I know!
You'll find metric so much easier no need to convert.
Don't I know it. If only that were the case. Unfortunately, being from the States pretty much guarantees that, unless I choose to convert from an English teacher to a Science teacher (and take all the necessary classes to do so) or move out of the country, I'll have no meaningful interaction with the Metric system in my lifetime.

Well saying that the UK uses a hybrid system with a litttle of metric and imperial.

A lot of people will still give their hight in feet and inches, weight will be in stones and pounds. Though in a supermarket evertyhing is by the kilo

Long distances will be miles. I.e it's 100 miles to Glasgow. Fuel usage rates for transport is given in MPG (that's the imperial gallon ~4.5l)

Tempature is more or less given in Celsius.

You can still buy milk by the pint(well you are actually buying 568ml).

But I was one of those brought up with both systems.

Changing is not an overnight process, it can take decades. Of course some people don't like change because it's what they've always known, but it's not about us it's about our children and how it will impact on them.
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