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top sci fi tv show

I am sure there has been a thread like this in the past but since there is not one present at the moment i just want to see what peoples favorite sci fi tv shows are. My top sci fi shows are
Stargate sg1 ( great humor, cast, and villians really hit its stride after season one and remained good until season 6)
Babylon 5 (great characters, good humor, great sound track, great story, and fairly special effects, stayed good after season one up until season 5)
Twilight zone( well written stories, first great sci fi tv shows)
Star trek (classic sci fi tv show, got me into sci fi, positive outlook on future, great characters interaction
dr who (creative, has comedy and newer seasons have good effects)
Battlestar galactica(sorry didnt like it but maybe someone else will have something positve to say about it)
Lastly havent watched x files or farscape but will after finishing sg1

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