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A question regarding "Patterns of Force"

This question actually came up in another current thread, discussing Star Trekīs worst lines of dialogue ever. I suggested Spockīs "You should make a very convincing Nazi" that he said to Kirk in "Patterns of Force", because of the implications that line carries, IMO.

But with that opinion I seem to be rather alone, with only Robert Comsol seeing it my way, most others even view the line as a joke! Since both Bob and I are German, I was wondering if that is the sole reason for us seeing this line as problematic or if others (non-Germans) feel that way too.

And another thought: Would those of you, that donīt have a problem with "Patterns of Force" feel the same way if it didnīt depict Nazi Germany but say, the southern US states prior to the civil war. Imagine Kirk and Spock had come to a planet ruled by (white) land/slave owners who brutalize their (black) slaves. Then, to blend in at a slave auction, they would have put on local clothing and Spockīs line to Kirk would have been "You should make a very convincing slave trader". Would you take that as a joke too?

I want to make it absolutely clear, that Iīm NOT trying to mock, insult or challenge anyone but that Iīm truly and seriously interested in your opinions.

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