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Re: What to Do About Panhandlers?

I live in a low-income area and walk up to the store several days a week (no car), and there are always people trying to beg money just walking up the 3 blocks to the corner. Some of them I've seen for the last 7 years, every day. Once in a while someone will show up with a good sob story and I might give them a dollar, but no more. But most of them just want to buy a can of beer at the store. Or drugs.

Disclosure: I'm classified permanently disabled, and receive federal disability benefits and Medicare. I pay all my expenses from one monthly check. I don't get food stamps or rent subsidies or anything else. I can't drive and walk with a cane. I don't keep my wallet in my back pocket. Due to the neighborhood, I deliberately dress like a bum to try and discourage panhandlers. It doesn't always work. They usually try to bum me for cash when I have my cane in one hand and three or four grocery bags in the other. I don't stop for anybody when I have both hands full.
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