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Re: why is star trek original series disliked

Including naturally-occurring humor within drama is just good character-based storytelling, whether it is TREK or STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO or HAVE GUN. Part of what makes the TOS characters so lovable is that they aren't just about business, they seem to have lives outside of the plot of the week, and they react in a human rather than programmed way to situations, and that means you don't always just have stock replies, and sometimes wit comes out of that, just as it does in life.

One reason I found the ModernTrek/Berman era so unappealing (outside of DS9) was because these people didn't have that life to them (except guest stars and occasionally Riker.) Y'know, like just having one time when they get yet ANOTHER emergency panic alert from Starfleet and Riker could say, 'Someone's probably lost a tribble.'
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