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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Hello all. I'm a newbie. I'm a long time TNG fan. Back when Voyager first aired, I didn't like it. I can't quite recall why though. I think I was looking for the same type of show as TNG and that's now what I found. However, recently when I bought the new Borg box set, I reluctantly watched the Voyager episodes and found them very enjoyable. Since then, the last few months, I've been buying the Voyager dvds and I'm hooked! I'm up to season 4 which should arrive in the mail tomorrow (thank goodness for Ebay). And I already have seasons 5 & 6 ready to go once I get through season 4 (again...thanks to Ebay). I'm extremely glad I gave Voyager a 2nd chance. Better late than never! I'm hoping that when Voyager makes it to Spike TV, more people will give it a 2nd chance and find it as enjoyable as I do. Makes me wonder if I should give Enterprise a 2nd chance....nah...not yet.
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