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Re: Romulans as portrayed on Enterprise

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I do wish the Romulans had been the big bads from jump. I think it would've had more impact seeing them foster dissension instead of Future Guy and the Suliban. Or even if the Romulans used the Suliban, Orions, or others, that would've been cooler too and made it easier to keep Earth from finding out the Romulans true identity.

I also wish that we had gotten a Romulan War on Enterprise. If not taking up a season or several, then doing it in a TV movie or a straight to video movie.

I don't get why Berman seemed to misjudge the audience's interest in the Romulans. At least this one audience member.

I would've rather had them than the Klingons. Plus Enterprise could've been the show that fleshed out Romulan culture in ways that TNG/DS9/VOY also developed the Klingons. Ah, what could have been.
It would've been really cool to see a more fleshed out Romulan culture and language...given that there's nearly 1700 years between Earth's encounter with them and their exodus from Vulcan, that seems enough time for them to have at least a different accent and a few new words (US vs UK English), slightly different accent, words, and grammar (Afrikaans vs Dutch), and at most a more conservative grammar with new words and accent that is by now radically different from Vulcan, while still seeming similar (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian vs Latin). Take the existing Vulcan Language Institute work on this and make some changes and there's your Romulan.

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^You mean to say "what should have been."

The whole Temporal Cold War arc was a stupid decision for the writers to go with. The show should have followed this pattern:
-Build up to the Earth-Romulan War.
-Entirety of the Earth-Romulan War.
-Formation of the Coalition of Planets.
-Formation of the UFP.
This would've been a-ok for me. I was hoping to see something about the Romulan War and the Daedalus class ships throughout Enterprise, and then the early UFP, with explanations of why we got our (TOS) bridge and ship designs - something that Chris Bennett's Choice of Futures does nicely. I did enjoy seeing the other Earth vessels in Enterprise, and seeing a modern take on Daedalus would've been really cool.

Maybe I'll do my own re-write of Enterprise leading up to the war...
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