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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

Yoda wrote: View Post
Why does race have to be part of the story for it to be mentioned? It helps paint a picture of the scene. That's not necessarily "making it a racial issue". Her age isn't really relevant either. Nor is her gender, I mean sure we are kind of stuck with the gendered pronouns, but why draw attention to it by saying "woman" instead of "person"?

I get and agree with the complaint if we're talking about actual speech if someone said the same thing but with obvious overemphasis on the word "black", but it just seems like in this case you're reading it with that emphasis where it might not actually be intended.
Thank you. Race was merely part of a larger description. Perhaps, it comes from having been a police officer or perhaps, from having been an author. Had I intended emphasis, it would have been in bold or italics.

Also, in our locale, older black folks tend to be more quiet in public. Perhaps, because they remember times when it was not safe to call attention to themselves. A few have become friends over the years, because I make a point to speak and show respect to them as elders. I am white-looking... very white looking! It was quite a culture shock to have people of color act shy around me when I moved here. I am an outgoing person and will talk to anyone who wants to talk.
Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
I like it when a person in line sees that I'm buying only a couple of items and allows me to go ahead of them. Happens quite often. I always thank them at least twice.
Folks around here tend to do that, too. I love where I live. With rare exception people are polite in stores, etc.
Tora Ziyal wrote: View Post
^ I stopped reading as soon as I saw that the cashier did the right thing, so I didn't even see that!
WHAT?! You. Are. Supposed. To. Hang. On. My. Every. Word.
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