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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Sound of my Voice - HBO go on Apple TV - This is the first movie I have watched with HBO go since it being added to the Apple TV. I saw the other movie by the pair who wrote this, Another Earth. I liked that movie, so when I fired up HBO go this evening, I was very excited to see this as one of the moves available. I'm kind of lost where to start with the movie, so I guess I'll start with this, I liked the movie a lot. I compared Another Earth to Primer in feel, and I think that description works equally here. It's a fairly complicated story about a woman possibly from the future and dealing with a cult like following. Excellent performances all around, especially from the lead Christopher Denham who plays Peter. I really like his turn as a skeptical, wanna be investigative film maker/journalist into a quasi, almost believer. It's subtlety at its best and very nuanced.

After watching the movie, I felt I needed to watch it again immediately. I'm sure I missed some stuff, because of multi tasking. (Surfing the Internet while watching) I also read on IMDB that this was supposedly the first in a trilogy of movies. I felt that to be true, I feel like there are more stories to be told here. For most of the movie they keep you guessing about the authenticity of Maggie, the supposed time traveler. There are enough clues along the way to question everything. I do this I need to watch this again, not watch it distracted and to try and pick up on more. Without any forth coming additional movies and supposedly the writers not wanting to explain anything, we're left will trying to decipher this one.
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