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What to Do About Panhandlers?

Panhandling seems like it's more out of control than ever, even though a number of states are implementing laws to better regulate it. I live in the Midwest, and seemingly every time I stop for gas these days, someone approaches me and asks for money. It's gotten to the point that I don't even make eye contact with people when I'm at the gas station unless I need to speak with the station attendant or cashier for some reason.

How often do the rest of you run into this sort of thing? What do you do about it? I generally ignore panhandlers or politely decline when asked for money. I realize that some of the people in question may be telling the truth and genuinely need help, but there are also dishonest people out there willing to do whatever it takes to scam another person. It's too bad because my first impulse is always to help another person who's in need, but I've become much more world weary as I've gotten older.

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